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onestar Asset Management is a leading Oil & Gas Venture Capital Firm specializing in identifying and buying out production-ready land for oil well drilling ventures.

Lonestar needed to find Accredited Investors to fund key drilling projects on a sizable land lease acquisition from Chesapeake Energy. Lonestar came to us after parting ways with an agency specializing in generating & converting leads for venture capital firms.  After nearly a year without results, Lonestar gave our team a shot. Below are some of the details we were allowed to share regarding the scope of our rendered services.

Lonestar Asset Management
November, 2018
PPC, Email
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I was very skeptical to using internet marketing because I’ve used two different companies in the past to try and reach my target demographic and had no success. To my surprise, in our first “trial run” we closed a deal in less than a month that equated to over a 2000% ROI on ad spend. This is a team you want to partner with! 

– Beau Flowers, CEO Lonestar Asset Management

The Brief

Our focus was to establish Lonestar Asset Management as the leading voice among accredited investors. We set up a highly-targeted Google Ads campaign that targeted potential investors with unmatched precision. We then created a national PR campaign that was featured in newspapers and online publications such as Bloomberg, the New York Times, and Business Insider to build trust with organic and paid website visitors. All the while our Design & Development team worked on rebranding to further aid Lonestar Asset Management in building trust with each visitor by clearly portraying Lonestar as the subject-matter expert. The rebranding portion of the project consisted of developing a new website, brochures, guides, and other downloadable and tangible assets for online, mail and email distribution channels.


Creating custom audiences to serve advertisements based on political interests, online activity, income, net worth, and other social signals.

Email Nurture Sequence

Once a lead was acquired through Digital Ads they are dropped into a nurture sequence that educates and further qualifies each prospect and pushes each prospect to schedule a call and invest into a project.

Branding & Content Marketing

We created a new website, landing pages, then ran a national PR campaign to build trust with each website visitor. As a result, Lonestar's online conversion rate skyrocketed by 650%
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