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Simpler Moving is a leading moving service provider specializing in moving, packing, and storage solutions for residential and commercial customers.

Prior to partnering with Captive Nest, Simpler Moving was paying for leads using an Industry Specific lead service provider. They got tired of buying leads that were also distributed to their competitors. It was time they gave our Lead Generation experts a shot at running Paid Search (Pay Per Click) advertising campaigns on Google.

Simpler Moving
September 1, 2018
Pay Per Click
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The Brief

Winning Online organically for Moving Companies is nearly impossible. It’s one of the most competitive industries. So how does a moving company double their booking rate?

They hire Captive Nest!

Our Google Marketing Campaigns for Moving Companies are heavily focused on Lead Generation, but not just any lead. We get specific, focusing on past search history and tie it into our marketing campaigns because if you’re pushing Residential moving services, more specifically booking more Home moves, then you’ll probably want to limit your exposure to people living in apartments. Of course, there is no easy way of doing this, but with Captive Nest’s audience-building you can rest assured that your campaigns will be performing at peak efficiency!

PPC Master Campaign Clone

We already have highly optimized Google campaigns for moving companies, all we had to do is clone it, then adjust targeting settings to line up with our client's marketing initiatives.

Post Click Optimization

We developed highly-converting landing pages with a success rate of over 40%, the industry average is 2%. Want to see the landing page? Start a Chat & we'll shoot you a link!

Booking Integration

Keeping Track of where all of the calls, form & quote submissions came from and all of the data associated with each interaction was a challenge for our client, We integrated our marketing campaigns with their CRM & automated tasks to streamline the booking process.

I was sold on their “Master Campaign” pitch…the pitch involving a campaign that’s already dominating. Yes, I had my doubts at first, given our history with marketing agencies, but within a few weeks our phones were going haywire! I am impressed.
– Layne Norris, CEO, Simpler Moving

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