Detmar Logistics

Detmar Logistics is one of the largest Frac Sand Delivery Companies in the United States who was struggling to keep pace with its growth and attracting new drivers and staff to support its operations. To do this in a cost-effective manner they decided that they needed to make their website and online presence do all of the heavy liftings, but in order for that to happen, they knew they would have to get rid of their one-page website.

Detmar Logistics
December 15, 2018
Web Design
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The Brief

The oil & gas trucking space is very competitive, for companies like Detmar Logistics, securing contracts with leading oil & gas corporations is easy, they have an outstanding reputation, but like all companies, the objective is to grow. Since growth cannot be sustained without adequate resources, we accelerated their hiring efforts by making them easily discoverable on Google and other search engines via content and Google marketing.

Once discovered in Google Search results, users needed to feel at home right off the bat when landing on Detmar Logistics’ website. To do that we redesigned their website, then worked with video content to engage their online traffic.

Once website visitors had a chance to get familiarized with Detmar Logistics, the next step was making the hiring process more accessible. To do that, we created CTA (Call to Action) buttons and integrated the CTA’s with their online hiring portal.

SEO Content Strategy

Dramatically Improved SEO by Properly Associating KeyWords and Meta Data across all pages, posts, and content.


From Concept through Development Our Goal was to attract new drivers and impressing potential customers.


Our Solutions enabled qualified web traffic to find Detmar Logistics, as a result, the Applications & Sign Ups have skyrocketed 47,000%

Matt Detmar, CEO

At Detmar Logistics, we put our clients and our employees first, and there’s a little over 400 of them. That being said, we needed a partner who could deliver on time, every time, at the drop of a hat. That’s precisely what Captive Nest does with little to no direction.  For these reasons, I highly recommend Captive Nest to any organization, small or large who like us, prefer to focus on growth.

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