Detmar Logistics

The Brief

The oil & gas trucking space is very competitive, for companies like Detmar Logistics, securing contracts with leading oil & gas corporations is easy, they have an outstanding reputation, but like all companies, the objective is to grow. Since growth cannot be sustained without adequate resources, we accelerated their hiring efforts by making them easily discoverable on Google and other search engines via content and Google marketing.

Once discovered in Google Search results, users needed to feel at home right off the bat when landing on Detmar Logistics’ website. To do that we redesigned their website, then worked with video content to engage their online traffic.

Once website visitors had a chance to get familiarized with Detmar Logistics, the next step was making the hiring process more accessible. To do that, we created CTA (Call to Action) buttons and integrated the CTA’s with their online hiring portal.

SEO Content Strategy

Dramatically Improved SEO by Properly Associating KeyWords and Meta Data across all pages, posts, and content.


From Concept through Development Our Goal was to attract new drivers and impressing potential customers.


Our Solutions enabled qualified web traffic to find Detmar Logistics, as a result, the Applications & Sign Ups have skyrocketed 47,000%

Matt Detmar, CEO

At Detmar Logistics, we put our clients and our employees first, and there’s a little over 400 of them. That being said, we needed a partner who could deliver on time, every time, at the drop of a hat. That’s precisely what Captive Nest does with little to no direction.  For these reasons, I highly recommend Captive Nest to any organization, small or large who like us, prefer to focus on growth.

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Marketing Overhaul for Recruiting Agency

The Brief

This project was one of the most fun to date. We had the pleasure of working on branding, web design, graphic & print design as well as developing everything from the site all the way down to email signatures.

After fully rebranding Paramount Resources, we ran highly-targeted ad campaigns on both Recruiting and Client Acquisition fronts.


Brand Revamp, from Head to Toe!


Ad Campaigns to Gain New Clients


Ad Campaigns to get qualified job applicants.

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Marketing for an Engineering Powerhouse

Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Electric Power Engineers, AdWords, Pay Per Click

Additional Services

  • Salesforce Set Up and Lead Routing
  • Custom Motion Graphic Design
  • Statement of Qualification Design
  • Case Study Design
  • PowerPoint Design
  • Technical Proposal Template Design
  • Conference Booth Design
  • Marketing Collateral Design (Digital & Physical)


Head to Toe, from Website down to the Email Signature

Email Marketing

Automated Client Acquisition and Nurture Email Campaigns

Google Marketing & SEO

Ran a national campaign for Power Engineering & NERC Compliance Services

Our website traffic has increased by several thousand % and people are staying a lot longer on our site engaging with our technical content. Moreover, we show up at the top for all but one of our service offerings. Recommend to anyone seeking quality marketing services in Austin or any city for that matter. Keep it up!
– Electric Power Engineers, Inc.

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Marketing for a Mortgage Broker

The Brief

UWM came to us to help them win more business online. They needed a marketing campaign that could work in a very competitive and expensive mortgage/insurance space.

We optimized their campaigns, reduced their Cost Per Conversion by 22% while increasing their leads by 36% within the first 45 days of running our campaigns.

We worked with the num team to develop an SEO strategy that helped improve relevancy and alignment of the website, while also developing a content & digital PR strategy to bring value to its target audiences, rather than just talking about products and services like much of the competition.

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Branding a Waterfront Construction Company

The Brief

We were hired to build a brand from scratch. New Logo, New Slogan, and a New Website. The catch was that we had to get it done in 3 weeks or less.

Challenge Accepted!

Our team was able to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver the final product after only 8 days!


Complete Brand Identity Package


Continuous Search Engine Optimization, Ensuring Top Organic Placement in Search Results.

Google Marketing

What better way of finding new clients than Pay Per Click?

Captive Nest is the team you want to be on. These guys are as good as they come!
– Bryan, CEO, ATX Docks

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