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Proven Marketing Expertise + Cheat Code

Captive Nest delivers sales qualified leads to home builders, realtors, brokers, architects, and contractors. 

After running hundreds of campaigns we have defined the perfect Paid Search Marketing campaign with hundreds of conversion-oriented KeyWords and thousands of Negative Keywords! 

In other words, we can add immediate value to any real estate brand eager to grow!

Why are Our Search Keywords Important?

KeyWords are the secret ingredients to successful Paid Search Advertising campaigns! But one ingredient does not make a delicious meal, right?

Other ingredients like Match Types, Location Settings, Audience Targeting, etc. are required to make an enjoyable feast!

At Captive Nest, we not only know exactly how to make this “feast” but also all of the necessary ingredients needed in order to delight our clients!

How are Our Campaigns So Successful?


Look, we’ve managed hundreds of campaigns, collected, analyzed & tested thousands data sets so YOU can avoid the mistakes that only EXPERIENCE can solve! 


So what is a Master Campaign?

Imagine being a marketing agency and having 10 Paid Search Clients all in the same industry. (Advertising on Google) You’re bidding on similar keywords, but targeting different markets.

What would you do if one of your Ads triggers an irrelevant search?

Wouldn’t you apply the negative keyword to all of your accounts so your other clients don’t have to waste their spend on pointless clicks? Of course, you would! 

Any time we get a new client, we “clone” our Master Campaign and all of the relevant Ad Groups, then what the client wounds up having an extremely successful existing campaign, fit to their specs. It’s as if you’ve been running this campaign for years!

Keep in mind that we do tinker with the settings, change out the locations, rebuild display ads, etc. to fit our new client’s brand and target audience,  but in the end, the new client is set up with a highly optimized campaign with a proven track record!

We know what, when, where, and why you should advertise and target to drive results! Again, why make the mistakes? Leave mistakes for your competitors!


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Location Based Marketing

Real Estate Marketing is all about Location-Based Targeting. We work with real estate agencies, property management companies, land developers, and financial institutions.

Engaging Content


You want to sell, right? Then go ahead! Let us take care of lead generation and content management. Just submit your content and we will curate and post only the best, ensuring each listing leaves a lasting impression!

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