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Before we boast about how great we are at targeting your ideal customers (what every agency says), we’d like to let you know that this was challenging. When we signed Jon Ric, we were very well aware that Jon Ric has gone through 7 other marketing agencies with very little results. Scary!!!

We were also paired up against a marketing giant who employs thousands of marketers and has over 60,000 employees at their disposal. 

Yes, we were slightly intimidated but at the end of the day, we went to work and did what we do best, deliver results.

Medical Spa Marketing
Here’s a quick synopsis of our accomplishments in Marketing Coolsculpting & Laser Hair Removal for Jon Ric Medical Spa who is currently operating at maximum capacity. Do keep in mind that not every location can sustain explosive growth without investing significant capital into hiring and training, infrastructure, operation management, and additional space.
  • 209 Qualified Leads in less than 3 weeks (and counting)
  • 10,350% increase in Sales Qualified Leads (and counting)
  • 1,900% increase in Lead to Booking rate for Laser Hair Removal Leads (and counting)
  • 4,900% increase in Lead to Booking rate for CoolSculpting Leads (and counting)
  • 504% increase in Weekly Business
  • 81 calls from Ads (buying more handsets to keep up)
  • 218% Uptick in Social Interactions across Social Media Platforms
  • 29% increase in Reviews (Google & Yelp) – 157 in the image above, now above 175 just on Google! See for Yourself!
  • 306% increase in Organic Leads generated
How We Successfully Market Medical Spas

Captive Nest stays ahead of the curve with inimitable campaign structures that generate positive Return on Marketing Spend day in and day out. Our campaigns will provide you with a stream of sales-qualified leads on a daily basis.

Happy Clients
Campaigns Optimized
Know Your Customers

Ideal Customer Mapping

Know the makeup of your ideal customer for each service you offer
Consumer Psychology

Behavior & Intent

Our bread and butter is our ability to target based on consumers' likelihood of transacting. In other words, we not only target by the makeup of your ideal customer demographic, but their level of intent to book or buy.

Custom Audiences

We create custom audiences that we pair up with our KeyWords, Your Ideal Customer Profile, and their level of intent then drop them into appropriate marketing sequences.
Cross-Platform Analytics

Data Sharing

We measure every digital interaction and pass the data from Analytics to AdWords then to Facebook to create a more cohesive and targeted marketing campaign.
Robinhood Marketing

Competitive Marketing

We target users who view key pages on your local competitors' sites, then follow them around the internet with Display Ads. It may seem freakishly invasive but it works!
Hyper-Local Targeting


We target your customers when they cross a virtual boundary that we set around your competitors' locations or other locations they may frequent.
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