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Hugo Mena, V.P. Business Development

Electric Power Engineers, Inc.

Captive Nest helped us rebrand. We now have a new website, new look and feel and most of all we can now measure and visualize each online interaction and for us, that’s where all the value is. Any growing organization wants to understand not only WHERE but exactly WHEN to invest our time into pursuing prospects, Captive Nest helped us get granular insights into each interaction, brand impression, and formulated a follow up plan that they integrated with our Salesforce platform. 


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Captive Nest is a digital advertising agency that specializes in Capturing, Nurturing, and Converting web traffic through web design, and managed marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses..

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Our mission is to empower businesses through creativity, quality, and focus. We strive to shorten sales cycles by creating experiences and a sense of urgency. 

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