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What are we doing with this article? Why is it published? Seems like there is absolutely no purpose in having a publication titled “Local Online Marketing Agency”. right? 

Not so fast…we have actually been challenged by one of our clients to rank on the first page for the keyword phrase “Local Online Marketing Agency“, a very competitive and challenging thing to rank for, but we will make it happen as promised using some of our awesome SEO tools and tactics.

Learn more about our Game Plan below and apply it to your own SEO strategy!


How will We Rank Higher in Search Results for Local Online Marketing?

I’m sure you’re curious to know what it will take in order to appear in local search results, and what strategies we would implement. 

Below is a quick summary of how we will go about ranking higher in local search results through our online marketing efforts!

FIrst, we’d like to share that Captive Nest is in fact a local online marketing agency is trying to rank higher in search results for searchers in and around Austin, Texas.  To do this, Captive Nest will do the following:

We Will Use Keyword Modifiers

Keyword Modifiers are very important, since we’re going for the term “Local Online Marketing Agency” we will use lots of different modifiers for terms “Local, Marketing, Agency, etc.”, for the term “Local” for instance, a good modifier is usually “near me”. However, we wouldn’t really say, “Online Marketing Agency Near Me,” in first person on our own website, would we? That’s weird! So instead we would use terms like “nearby”, “near you”, “near (city/place)”, so in our case, near Austin, Texas

However, if you wanted to rank for “near me”, you could stuff that portion of the keyword into our title tags, anchor text, alt text, etc. 

What if your/our competitors are also near the searcher? 

This is usually the case, so what you’ll want to do, and what we will do is rank for the highest priority keyword, which in this case is, Local Online Marketing Agency, and set up different variations of it in the following format, “high priority search term + “near me” – keep in mind that near me is already modified in the backend for other variations like “nearby”.

We will then add these variations into our Title Tag / H1 / Body / URL /and Page Name all the variations that are frequently searched.

Here is a great example for Near Me + Product/Service variation:

  • “Emergency [service] near me”
  • “24/7 [service] near me”
  • “best [service] near me”
  • “cheap [service] near me”
  • “find [service] near me”
  • “buy near [city]”

Then, we will go into local directories that rank well for “near me” searches. 

You can check which directories target “near me” searches by simply googling a product or service and sifting through the results.

Here are a few visual examples:

Then we will go after Local Directory listing pages that have high Domain authority. This is great for local search because a small business can get a listing or a link mention through local newspaper, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. making the small business more nimble in comparison to some of your larger competitors who don’t have any expertise in your market, yet they rank high in search results through domain authority. 

Last but not least.

We will incorporate our “Online Marketing Services”, articles with “Local Terms”. 

When we publish case studies, we typically discuss the product or service we provided and to what company, but going forward we will be publishing them in a different format, like this “Online Marketing Agency Helps Local Austin Business Triple their Leads,” or “Captive Nest, Boosts Sales for a Beauty Salon near Bee Cave, TX.” 

If you want to follow us along as we climb up the Search Engine results page, chat with us through our LiveChat feature or get in touch learn more on how we can help you rank higher!


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